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Cayuga Homes

Cayuga Homes are bespoke Property Developers based in Brighton & Hove and operating throughout Sussex.

Bringing with them over 40 years of combined experience the two Directors formed Cayuga in 2016.

Cayuga build homes in desirable areas of Sussex with a particular focus on seafront and waterside locations. Trinity Homes are just one of the many partners working with Cayuga to deliver the kind of living space to which we all aspire.

Professional Home Builders

We are proud to subscribe to professional standards as a business. This includes being qualified to offer Government-Backed Help to Buy schemes on our developments, adhering to strict guidelines. If you would like any further information about the schemes that we adhere to, or the guarantees and insurance that we offer on our homes, please contact our Head Office team who will be pleased to give you more information.

The Consumer Code for New Homes

The Consumer Code for New Homes establishes mandatory requirements that apply to all Developers registered with the Code. This ensures best practice is followed with respect to the marketing and sale of New Homes. Cayuga Developments Ltd is a Registered Member.

What is the Code?

Where a Developer (or their Agent) is found to be in serious breach of the Code, the Code Sponsor can apply a range of sanctions, including removal from the Code’s register of Members. This will also result in removal from the registers maintained by the Warranty Bodies who support the Code.

The Code provides a clear consumer complaints process supported by an independent Dispute Resolution Scheme for consumer complaints that arise and are made in writing to the Developer within two years of the date of the Completion of the New Home purchase.

The Code also benefits second and subsequent Buyers of the New Home but only in respect of after sales matters reported within two years of the date of the Completion of the New Home purchase.

Nothing contained within this Code affects a Buyer’s existing legal rights and does not replace any existing legislation regarding the sale and marketing of New Homes to consumers.

To view the code please click here

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